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Sandee McCullen
02-24-2004, 08:35 PM


I feel I must respond to Gov Napolitano's recent statements, that received nationwide publicity. Please print/share my comments/concerns based on your available space. Contact information is available at the bottom.
I took some time to recharge and cool down over the winter. I hope to help with the forest problems some more this season. When I hear how low our rainfall has been, I worry what the coming summer will be like.
Governor Napolitano is having her annual forest health conference in Prescott on March 19th. I attended last year, and common sense was desperately needed. Some individuals that were there to influence public policy want to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own property as the solution to wildfires.
I heard Dr. Wally Covington recommend that fuel reduction occur to the Southwest of virtually all of our forested communities in order to begin to approach the growing problems causing these fires. The wind is primarily from the SW and that was a contributing factor on the location to begin fuel reduction. Has Governor Napolitano instituted any Forest thinning projects Southwest of any community in Arizona???
Please plan to attend the conference in large numbers, it is an opportunity to meet and work with elected officials and those that are involved in the fire community. My parents and I attended the Disneyland for environmentalists last year, and our message was appreciated by our elected officials and fire personnel.
Governor Napolitano is Playing with Fire

The Southwestern skies were almost as cloudy as the politics in Washington on Saturday as rainclouds brought the possibility of moisture to the drought stricken western states. Weather peculiarities once again made national headlines as Arizona Governor Napolitano blamed the unnatural forest conditions facing western citizens on the Republicans in Congress and the Bush Administration. She went so far as stating they are shirking their responsibilities to the forests, leading to more devastating fires.

This is an amazing statement from a democrat, especially if you consider the fact that the Healthy Forest bill was held up in the Senate by democrats for five months prior to reaching a final vote and passing 80-14 in October of 2003 while California was burning. The only votes recorded in opposition to the bill were by democrats and one independent.

This is the same Governor who wrote a letter to colleagues with Governor Richardson of New Mexico opposing the healthy forest bill and supporting the democrat sponsored bills that were introduced months after the Bush administration introduced their version of the forest health bill.

This is the same person who has failed to attend two Congressional hearings that have been held in Arizona to address the devastating fires facing the West and Arizona in particular.

This is the same Governor who could not find the time to meet with the President in August of 2003 when he came to Arizona in support of common sense forest management and the residents of the newly blackened Arizona community of Summerhaven.

This is the same Governor who receives tremendous political support from the environmental groups that sue the forest service over nearly every attempt to reduce the fuel in the forest and therefore reduce the fires.

This is the same Governor who did not attend a rally held at the Arizona state Capital in March of 2003 to increase public awareness of critical forest health issues.

Arizona Congressmen JD Hayworth, Rick Renzi and Jeff Flake have offered true compassion and assistance to the victims of the devastating forest fires.

Congressman Flake flew from Washington to Arizona during the Rodeo Chediski fire. The night he arrived at the fire command center in Show Low, things began to improve for the residents of the Heber-Overgaard area. Prior to this time, they were not receiving adequate assistance to fight the fire. They did not receive the basic necessities of food and water on their front line until Congressman Flake enlightened the command center on the serious conditions facing residents to the West of Show Low.

Governor Napolitano’s statements only add fuel to the fires while playing politics in Washington. Lives have been lost while the politicians let special interests shut down forest management.

True leaders offer common sense solutions and support to their constituents as they face catastophic fires and insect infestations in the forests surrounding their homes.

Kathy Gibson Boatman

Queen Creek, Arizona



"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." --Edmund Burke (1729-97)

02-25-2004, 06:38 PM
Thanks Sandee for posting this. I have heard the crap that (our) governor has been putting out and I will send out letters to my responsable representatives to help them respond to this crap.
Jim F.

03-26-2004, 04:36 PM
Ditto! :mad: