View Full Version : To the ones i have lost...

07-27-2009, 04:48 PM
:wings:Nana... my SAVIOR and HERO.. You will be missed and loved!
:wings:Uncle Kevin... my hero.. you taught me so much.. THANK YOU.
:wings:Baby sis... wish u had made it.. would have been great to have u around.
:wings:Michelle O. ... Miss you squeaker... U changed my life.
:wings:Shawn "Squeak" H. ... I miss you bro.. racing's not been the same
without you. Thanks for always being there.. and the good times.

To the rest that have been lost along the way.. You are not forgotten.. You are missed and loved..

May you ALL rest with angels and have no worries.. and help keep us safe as our angels!

When i look over into that pass seat.. i know you will be there with me!