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07-14-2009, 02:16 PM
Looks like my rear brake job is going to include replacig the rear axle seals on my 79 CJ7. The only axle shaft I have ever removed before was on a Ford 9". On that, I just removed the retainer bolts , pulled the axle out, and had the bearing with retainer & seal pressed on and put it back in.
I'm wondering on my AMC 20 if the seal is pressed on after slipping the bearing over the differential end of the axle and sliding it next to the hub/flange (like on a Ford 9"), or if it is pressed on after slipping it over the HUB end of the axle.
The Chiltons repair manual makes it sound like I have to remove the splined hub to pull the axle out. I would need a puller for that. I'm wondering if the axle will come out without removing the hub and I can have the hub removed (if needed) while it is at the machine shop having the bearing pressed on.
I am not sure if I will replace the mickey mouse stock axles with flanged ones or not. It would be a good time to convert. But I am knocking around the idea of buying a JK either very soon (if the salesmen will quit trying to charge me as much as if I ordered a 2010) or in a few months after the 2010s come out. If I bought something new, I would be selling my CJ7 a few months later. So I wouldn't want to put a couple hundred extra bucks into something I was going to get rid of.
So the bottom line is, can I remove the axle shaft without removing the splined hub, or is that the only way to get the axle shaft out /
Thanks, Ken

07-14-2009, 02:25 PM
remove the axle shaft bring to shop to have bearings pressed off/on
re-install axle.

you dont have to remove hub. just the bolts holding the assembly to the housing.

07-14-2009, 05:35 PM
Cool. Thanks.

07-22-2009, 09:42 AM
If you were closer, I'd say bring it over and I'll press them for you for free....