View Full Version : HB 2514 - HOA restrictions and HAM Radio

06-23-2009, 09:59 PM
HB 2514 was introduced in the AZ House back in February; it is a bill designed to alleviate some of the restrictions HOAs put in place that affect the ability of HAM Radio operators to get on the air. In general it would require that they make some accommodation for reasonable antenna structures along with other provisions. The page with relevant info in located at http://www.azleg.gov/DocumentsForBill.asp?Bill_Number=HB2514 At this point in time the bill has been passed out of the House and has been read twice in the Senate. It is currently scheduled for review by the Senate Committee on Government Institutions on Thursday 6/25. Similar bills have been introduced in years past but have wound up being killed in the Senate committee; this year the committee chair is a new person who hopefully will allow it to pass out of committee for a vote before the Senate. If it reaches that point the odds are good that it will be passed and go to the Governor for her signature.

I'll try to check on it's status late Thursday or Friday after I return home from work. If it looks to have gone to the full Senate then we will need to contact our respective senators to encourage them to give it a 'Yea' vote.

You can also check the ARRL AZ Section webpage (http://www.arrl.org/sections/AZ.html) to see if there is any breaking news on the bill.