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01-13-2004, 04:25 PM
Arizona State Senate
Arizona State House
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United Staes Senate Arizona
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Thanks for the idea Mark.
Jim F.

Sandee McCullen
01-14-2004, 10:43 AM
Thanks Jim........... I was just going in to do the same thing!!

To Joe.......... is it possible to put a "link" to the legislative sites to enable everyone to link to it rather than having to look it up?

NEWS: ORBA has put together a "Washington" Trip to educate our legislators to us and our issues. Either Becky Antle or I will be going to represent the ASA4WDC. If there are issues you specifically want addressed please let me know ASAP. We MUST get our dealers/4x4 shops/businesses to JOIN ORBA!!!! A $85.00 a month from a business gives OHV recreationists thousands of dollars of VERY GOOD LEGAL SUPPORT.

I will also be heading to Las Vegas January 27-30 for a National Recreation Forum with the BLM. The purpose is: to listen to us as BLM develop direction for recreation and visitor services; encourage an ongoing dialogue between recreationists and the BLM; and they want our input for two congressional reports on recreation access and management due in early 2004. Kathleen Clark, BLM Director from D.C. will be there. Again, any thoughts or issues you have................ get them to me ASAP.

We CAN be a major contender against the extreme environmentalists!!!!

03-24-2016, 05:47 PM
I'm bumping this and adding the link again. I'm getting tired of the BLM requiring permits for non competitive events and especially an event that teaches people who are new to the sport the ins and outs to help them tread lightly and stay safer. I'm going to contact Flake and McCain myself. I invite you to as well.

I'm also going to contact my representative; which hurts like hell since I got Grijalva now. But I think I can convince him to at least ask a few questions.

For the House you can use this site to find your representative. Once you do, write them a nice letter and ask them to look into the issue with BLM preventing non competitive (non-timed, non speed) events by requiring a permit. An easter egg hunt is considered competitive using their definitions. And then when you do decide to get a permit, it seems to be like pulling teeth to get it; even though the studies were done and the TMP's completed.

Non profits should not need a permit unless they are staging on BLM land. <---my opinion.

It helps to have more than one voice. Let's do this! I'll make contact with them in the next week or so.

Also, ask them to look into why the next rounds of meetings concerning AZ lands is being held in Colorado! If you have to, tell them about the Daniel guy up there and how the fate of our trails should not be in his hands! (J/K Daniel)