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02-06-2009, 07:53 AM
I'm new to ham radio. Hope to take the test Sat Feb 5th. On my install for the XJ where would you mount an antenna and which antenna would you choose? I am putting a 2 meter in that I picked up off ebay. The guy at HamOutlet was not overly helpful and suggested a magnet mount in the center on top (in front of the rack) with a tether if it got knocked off by trees or brush. And also suggested an inexpensive one so damage would not be a big dent in the pocket.


02-06-2009, 09:57 AM
On my XJ, I use a mag mount on the center of the roof. Works fine, but does get annoying in low brush when I have to get out and stand it back up. I'm working on building a roof rack and plan to incorporate a mount on that. Also look up XJ CB mounts where I've seen quite a few guys make a bracket that comes out of the tail light area. You could probably fab up something to get it mounted up by the hood too. The higher and better ground plane you can get, the better.

Good luck on the test! :fashizzle:

Edit: Probably should have looked at your pictures first. Get a bracket to mount it off your roof rack somewhere or even mount it off your tire carrier. Either location will work fine.

02-06-2009, 10:59 AM
If I mount it off of the roof rack should I get an antenna that doesn't need a ground? Or do I run a ground strap from the rack to the Jeep? For foldability I was considering the front left corner so the antanne can fold back along the rack side. Any problem with that location or should it be centered? Do you find a long antenna is a must or will a shorter one work as well?