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09-15-2008, 02:52 PM
2002 Chevy Suburban LT 4x4
5.3 liter V-8 engine
285/75-16 BFG All Terrain KO tires
16" MB Motoring Chrome rims
Python 2-way alarm w/ remote start
Portable Pioneer XM Satellite
AM/FM, CD, Cass
Auto climate control
Leather seats, with driver memory
Heated front seats
Dual power seats
Power sunroof
3rd row seat
Rear A/C
Running boards(*)
Tow package
Luggage Rack

I am the 2nd owner of this truck and bought it from a Chevy dealership with 22k miles on it. I have put 64k on it myself to equal the 86k on the odometer. I would guess 2/3 of these miles were driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles, as my work requires me to do once or twice each month. I have maintained it regularly, and have taken very good care of it...

I had a Python alarm system installed professionally. The alarm has a key fob that shows the status of the vehicle. Whether it is running, been bumped into, glass broken, door open, being towed, etc. You get paged audibly or by vibration on the key fob, when the alarm is set off. Of course, a siren and chirping "warnings" go off too. It has a remote start as well. This is great in both the winter and summer as it warms/cools to the climate control settings in the truck before you even get into it.

The wheels and tires are MB Motoring rims and BFG A/T tires. These were purchased from Discount tire with the certificates. I have had them regularly and frequently balanced and rotated. It has 16" rims and the tires are 285/75, which is the largest that can be put on this truck without a lift. I did not want to compromise the ride and reliability of the stock/factory suspension.

A Pioneer XM radio satellite system was also purchased, and installed by Circuit City. This system has a hard-wired antenna on the truck. It is removable and can be used with headphones as a portable unit. It can even record hours of sat radio broadcasting for later playback. In addition, it comes with a cradle, antennae and remote control to hook up to any home audio/stereo system.

I also had the window tint professionally installed. The front driver and passenger windows are the legal 35%, while the sides and back are darker, 20% limo tint, if I remember correctly.

This truck has needed nothing more than the standard maintenance, with the exception of the air conditioning. The entire compressor and condenser system was replaced 9 months ago. This costs over $2000 and is inevitable with this age and type of vehicle. (I had a Tahoe that also went out at similar mileage.) Cosmetically, it has a few MINOR flaws, but nothing significant. The front bumper being slightly dented in the center is the only thing that I would consider not to be "normal wear and tear." Aside from that, this truck is as reliable and dependable as they come.

(*) The running boards are currently off, because I personally like the look and clearance better. I do have both sides, which are in like new condition, and all of the mounting hardware. I can put them back on at your request, or simply provide them to you unattached with the vehicle.

$11,500 is the "good" condition private party resale value on Kelly Blue Book

$11,575 is the "clean trade-in NADA value (does not acct for all options)
$14,025 is the "clean retail" NADA value (does not acct for all options)
$12,800 Nada average

$9,690 is the "clean private party" Edmunds value (does not acct for all options)
$11,157 is the "clean dealer retail" Edmunds value (does not acct for all options)
$10,424 Edmunds average

$11,575 is the average from these 3 sites.

$11,500 is my asking price.

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11-12-2008, 10:57 AM
Ok, ok, ok... FINE! $9900! There! Just take it already!

Thats a hell of a deal for under $10k! And gas prices are down...

11-12-2008, 11:35 AM
Ok, ok, ok... FINE! $9900! There! Just take it already!

Thats a hell of a deal for under $10k! And gas prices are down...

Screw gas prices... SAFETY!!! NHIC determined that reguardless of airbags, primarily NOTHING BEATS WEIGHT!
one trip to hospital pays for 3 lifetimes worth of gas.