View Full Version : Pyeatt Draw

Mike 77 CJ5
07-22-2008, 08:55 PM
Anyone up for Pyeatt Draw within the next couple of weeks. I've never done it so would need a leader. I've got a winch on order and seems like a good place to try it out.


07-22-2008, 10:35 PM
PM sent!

07-24-2008, 11:09 PM
I would like to run it. I have never been there so I would also like to go with someone that has been there.

weekend of aug 8,9,10th is the only one that works for me. Let me know what you guys decide.

I am waiting on a radiator but it should be in next week.

07-26-2008, 08:37 AM
I am game. Lets work on it

My Green Jeep
07-26-2008, 08:48 AM
Dont forget about this one...


08-07-2008, 01:31 PM
You guys going up Sat?

08-07-2008, 01:50 PM
Hey Mike. You guys should come up for the thread that Rox posted. Doing it 8/23 in the am. There are a few of us leaving Fri afternoon at 4:30 from Ftn Hills, and the majority leaving 8:30 Fri morning.

If you are an early riser and dont want to camp, there is a meet up at 8am Sat at the Home Depot in Payson. We have a feast planned for the campsite after the run, too. It would be good to see you again. Would your beautiful Grand Daughter be tagging along again?

08-07-2008, 02:04 PM
If I get driveshafts done this weekend I'm up for the morning of the 23rd.