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Polka Dot
11-10-2007, 05:31 PM
Trail Name: Box Canyon

Trail difficulty: 2.5-3.0

Trail Description:

A nice "starter or transition trail" or for those wishing to work their way up beyond Forest Service Roads and the like. This trail is accessable from two different directions and can be ran either way with N==>S being the easier of the 2.

Route: Hwy 79 (South) from Florence Junction ==> East on Cottonwood Canyon Road (you will see a flagpole and rally point) ==> South onto Box Canyon Road ==> Price Road (West) ==> Hwy 79.

This route (from North to South) would barely be a 3.0 rating but when ran from South to North would probably be a solid 3.0. This is due to one point just North of Box Canyon. (See Pics Below)

This area is very well traveled since many of the more difficult trails branch off of the path described above. You are bound to see many 4x4 vehicles, stock and buggies, ATVs and Motorbikes. Some of the harder trails that branch off consist of: Lower Wood Pecker, Woopecker Mine, Ajax Mine, Axle Alley, and the trail that leads to Jack Handle, Coke Ovens and Martinez Canyon/Cabin.

A stock 4x4 Jeep could probably manage this, however I was glad that I had 3.5" of lift and 33" tires (I never scraped my unarmoured undercarriage). My 33" BFG ATs aired down to about 18 psi performed well enough and other other than 4-Low with open (3.07) differentials, nothing else was needed.

If possible, have someone lead/guide you if this area is new to you. Or have a good map. If you are traveling North to South, veer right whenever you can, and veer left if you are heading South to North. This will pretty much assure you dont head down the wrong trail to tougher obstacles, unless you want to of course.

Lastly, try to speak with someone who has ran this recently for its trail condition. These pics were taken during a very dry period (no rain in months) and may change quite a bit after storms or over time (it is a wash).

An old building.

Veering right is a bypass with an overlook of the obstacle (shown below)which isn't that bad at all.

Veering left if the bypass was not taken. It starts getting a little rougher here.

The toughest part of the trail. Going up would make this more challenging or taking a different line. This was the easiest line. Watch your right side... Lots of paint and scrapes are left on the rocks.

Going left here would have led to Jack Handle, Coke Ovens and Martinez Cabin.

Some scenery in the Canyon.

One more "bump" just after Box Canyon.

After this...It's all dirt/gravel and nothing much more of interest along Price Road except a water crossing (mud hole to play in) past the dam on Price Road that leads left (South) and a few farms, one with horses.

Side Note: If your new to offroading and the pictures of the obstacles in this trail look difficult, they really aren't as bad or as challenging as they may look. Keep in mind my Rig's Specs which I listed earlier...it's nothing special.

Good luck and have fun.

Polka Dot
11-11-2007, 09:37 PM
More scenery pics...