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07-22-2007, 07:58 PM
CJ specs:
AMC 304 V8
T-150 3-speed manual transmission
D20 transfer case
D30 front/AMC20 rear axles
Headers, dual exhaust, header gaskets replaced 6 months ago
Remanufactured MC2100 carb
Edelbrock intake manifold
Edelbrock air cleaner
New emissions components - smog pump, diverter valves, air cleaner/crankcase breather setup, vaccum lines, PCV valve
New (remanufactured) steering box
New radiator & coolant hoses
New gas tank (12 gal.)
New fuel filler neck & protector
Locking gas cap
Was frame-up restored ~ 5 years ago by previous owner, fiberglass body swap, steel hood and front clip retained, frame PORed
Superlift 3-4" spring lift, longer-travel shocks
33x12.50 Futura mud terrains (4)
New Bestop Supertop and doors
New Bestop seat covers (low-back bucket seats)
Newer passenger-side seat riser (from a late 80's CJ7)
Bestop header bikini top
Grant steering wheel
New horn
Dash and gauges replaced with complete dash from '81 C7, everything but temp gauge working perfectly
AMC late 70's AM radio courtesy of eBay, single 5.25" speaker in dash, radio works :-)
New control knobs
New Tuffy wide center security console
Headlights replaced ~ 6 months ago
Lots of wiring redone
New battery (AutoZone's best, I think it's a DuraMax)
Rear bumperettes
Front tow hooks
New exterior paint

When I got the CJ in October '06, it was in good shape overall (having been frame-off restored ~ 5 years ago) but had spent most of its time sitting in a front yard, only driven occasionally. The PO was hacky with wiring, and had a 20 year old top on it that had shrunk and didn't fit anymore, so it was partially exposed. I cleaned all that up first, tossed the nasty back seat, added a new top & seat covers, then got to work learning the mechanicals, fixing/replacing/maintaining as I went.

Work I had done:
- new steering box to cure persistent leaks
- header gaskets replaced to fix exhaust leak
- Smog pump, diverter valves installed
- New fuel tank
- New engine fan clutch

Work I did:
- Properly adjusted clutch linkage
- dash & gauges replacement
- wiring inspection & replacement throughout vehicle where needed
- new steering wheel/horn setup (wheel center button honks horn, as it should - I might have spent more time on this project than any other, drove me nuts!)
- tossed Holley carb in favor of remanufactured MC2100, new throttle cable
- manual choke conversion
- replaced air cleaner & crankcase breather setup
- replaced radiator & coolant hoses
- Fuel tank vapor vent setup through check valve to emissions canister
- Vacuum lines re-run
- Corrected fuel supply/filter/return line setup
- Roller paint job (looks sharp overall, hood needs wetsand + another coat or 2)

Known Issues:
- Transmission/transfer case seal installed backwards, causes them to share fluid, results in tranny fluid running a litle low. This was a TSB in the late 70's that nobody ever addressed; doesn't seem to have hurt anything but tranny has a grindy shift into Reverse.
- There may be a slight leak where the rear driveshaft connect to rear diff, not sure if it might just be fluid left over from when I made a mess refilling the t-case
- Interior body paint is a little weathered; I was planning to Herculine sometime this year

That's it. I've driven this 4-5 days per week in both Pennsylvania and now Arizona without issues. 4WD works, was great in PA snow, not that that's an issue here.

Clean Pennsylvania title.

Asking $4000.





PM me or email me (mailto:jeffzap@gmail.com) with any questions.