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Lifes A Jeep
05-11-2007, 04:32 PM
Squeeze Rock

Sycamore Creek Area

The Squeeze Rock trail is a wash that connects lower and upper Sycamore. It is generally run starting from the south. The trail winds and twists its way with numerous obstacles to choose from. The rating on this trail will vary depending on how much water is present. The less water, the easier it can be. The difficulty increases with the amount of water so use caution. If rain is in the forecast, stay away from this trail. A flash flood can result in the loss of your vehicle and will put your life at risk.

The trail begins when you encounter Squeeze Rock. It will be obvious. After you get through the squeeze, you find yourself in a large wash. Lines vary from easy to hard. Take your time and choose your line. There are numerous diff grabbers and loose dirt that add to the challenge.

About half way through the trail, you come to a point that may force some to turn around depending on water level. If the middle is filled with water, it is a mud hole that can swallow your rig. You will be forced to climb the rock wall on the left. In order to climb the wall, you need lockers front and rear and very aggressive tires. See pictures below.

If your able to continue past this section, there are numerous fun challenges along the way. The end will be obvious.

Remember, use caution depending on the water level.

Start of the trail

View from the top of Squeeze Rock

After the Squeeze, the wash opens and you can choose your line.

Optional Line

If this section is dry, you can drive right through with ease

When its wet, its a mud pit

You'll need to drive up to the top of the section on the left

View up top

Further down the trail

One of the final obstacles

09-02-2007, 08:40 PM
Went out to Squeeze Rock today to see if you can even get out there. A picture's worth a thousand words so here you go.

This area before the Squeeze has washed out and until recently it was impassable. Date - 09-01-2007

It's passable now

A lot of sand has been piled up around this rock since the last time I was here

Brian playing around a bit

Brian comiing out of the Squeeze

Yeah, still can't get past here though unless you take on the rock wall to the left. Date - 09-01-2007

Had a great time out there today. Brian got a taste of what his Jeep can do. My tie rod got a big taste of a rock and we had to beat it straight again. Stupid tie rod trying to eat the rocks:mad: If Brian posts them up he's got a couple other pics.