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01-14-2007, 07:35 PM

I have a trailer I picked up that unfortunately I never use now!! We always use the roommates truck and the trailer sits in the garage taking up precious space! So, my loss is your gain!

This trailer will easily haul 3 full size dirtbikes. It was originally made to only haul two. However numerous times we put three on there so I added a third tire holder in the center. This also makes it nice for hauling just one bike as the weight is now centered. The tie down points are 2 eye bolts for the center bike and one center point for the 2 outside bikes. The outer tie down is made to slide in and out and is locked in place by a pin. This allows for easier storage! The trailer at the widest point (from outer wheel well to outer wheel well) is 68". Trailer uses a 2" ball and is wired for a flat four connector. All lights work perfect. Trailer also has full size tires, 205/75-14 with about 90% tread. These sure make it nice for haulin' the trailer at faster speeds : ) Finally on the front of the trailer is a metal locking storage box that is 24"Lx36"Wx14"D. Also, this trailer comes with PERMANENT TAGS!!

I would like to get $800 for this trailer. However, I am very open to trades plus cash in either direction towards the following:
2006 KX450 parts (wheels, desert tank)
Steering stabilizer for KX450
Small quad (trail blazer, 300ex, 250ex, something the 110lb GF can learn on)
Sandrail... project rail?
Streetbike... project bike?
Parts for a 2001 Ford Expedition
Parts for a 2004 Ford Explorer... 20's??

Or anything else interesting... Like I said, I am very open... I like things with motors! I can e-mail pix upon request... You can reach me anytime of the day or night on my cell phone or e-mail me, or respond here...

Justin Olson

01-14-2007, 08:08 PM
You ought to post up a pic of the trailer on here...

01-14-2007, 08:16 PM
I will... as soon as I can... I actually won't have pix till tomorrow...