View Full Version : Misc Jeep parts and other items... GOTTA GO!!

11-06-2006, 06:21 PM
3 speed Auto from a mid 80's XJ... This comes with torque converter and was claimed that it worked perfect when pulled... It was from another club member, whom I may put you in touch with to ask questions to. $120

TJ Stock front trac bar - $10

Ford 9" axle shafts - 2 different shafts, unsure of spline counts.. I know one was from a 70's pickup - $30 for both

2 hydraulic rams - bigger... not sure what they would be used for... dont know condition - $25 for both

CJ v8 PS pump... claimed to be in working condition when pulled - $20

Misc Advance Adapter adapters, not sure of use, maybe you can look at part #'s and figure out?? $25 for them (3)

CJ D30 hubs and stub shafts - $20 for all of it

Fox riding boots maybe size 11... I wear a 12 and they are a little snug on me... they are older and may need new buckles and soles before long, but they are great for a cheap boot or for someone that is still ridin' in sneakers! $30

Stock 2006 KX450 exhaust... used one ride, just bought a new PC Ti4 instead - $175

700W Coustic car audio amplifier.. last I new it worked, but that was 5 years ago... been sittin' since then - $30

1/2 drum of gear oil 80W-90 Mobil gear lube still sealed - $50

Make me an offer on any or all of it... I am moving and don't care to take any of this with me!!

I may entertain trades towards
TJ D30 knuckles
2 upper D30 ball joints
Gear install for a ford 9" (already have all parts, just need installed)
custom driveshaft work
TJ front track bar relocation bracket
TJ 3 speed auto torque converter
HP D30 4.88 gears

623-523-4527 :clap: