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05-28-2006, 08:56 PM
Log Corral

Trail Rating 3.5
***The trail rating has been changed to 3.5 on 09-25-06.

A scenic route running from the Beeline Highway to the riverside area below Bartlett Lake giving breathtaking views of Bartlett Lake, the Verde River and the Mazatzal and Superstition mountains.

When driving this trail from the Beeline side the driver is offered up a challenging rock garden right about 1/2 a mile into the trail. The garden doesn't have any bypasses but does offer lines of varying difficulty. Adding to the mix is a series of seeps and springs that keep this section of the trail damp nearly year round. It's easy to slip throughout the rock garden.

This picture is running the rock garden backwards.

Here is one of the more difficult ledges inside the rock garden, I'm running the trail backwards in this picture.

Running the trail from Beeline to Bartlett - This obstacle is optional.

Beeline to Bartlett - Required section through Rock Garden.

There is a waterfall just past the rock garden which offers a difficult climb for the more capable rigs. Again, this waterfall is wet nearly year round, offering a pretty decent challenge. For the less capable rigs their is a bypass to the left.

The trail smoothes out

Following the wash will take you all the down to Bartlett Lake.

Head back to FR393 and head south. You will come to this washed out section. Use caution.

Use help if needed. Rollover possible.

Proceed on the trail and you'll eventually come to the Verde river. It should be crossable by a stock rig with an experienced driver when flows are at or below 100 CFS. If flows are over 150 CFS the river may become dangerous and impassable. Check http://waterdata.usgs.gov/az/nwis/uv/?site_no=09510000 for water levels.

The picture below is of the deepest portion of the crossing at 90CFS.

Crossing in the incorrect location could result in loss of your rig and, as previously demonstrated when two jeepers crossed during high water, your life. The crossing pictured can be located at N 3348.321, W 11139.364 Elevation appx 1577ft.

10-06-2007, 08:25 PM
Well, I hate writing about these, but here goes. We got to the air down spot at the entrance to Log Corral at about 10:00 am. 3 vehicles in total.
Scout, Blazer, Jeep. After winding through the wash, and through the gate, we finally come up to the rock garden, where I take the lead in my Scout. I get through the first few obsticles, park up, and walk back to spot the Blazer through next. Long story short, the Blazer slips off a large rock, and the rear drive line takes the full weight of the truck as it comes down onto another rock. The drive line gets a bad dent in it. We go to crawl back up the rocks, and the torque shears the driveline in half. The truck slips back, and gets stuck one more time. We are know stradled across the trail with only the front driveline, and no front locker.

A huge thankyou to Rich (Katvans) in the Jeep, for coming up behind the Blazer, and winching the truck out of there. The day is shot, and we limp back to home territory. We will be back......


Beginning of the boulder garden


The Blazer working his way through the boulder garden


The Blazer gets wedged in and breaks a drive shaft



Lifes A Jeep
01-23-2008, 11:02 AM
UPDATE April 25th, 2008

Trail is open. Enjoy. It closed for a short time due to Bald Eagle nesting.

More information is available...

06-01-2008, 12:48 PM

We ran Log Corral from hwy 87 on 05/31/2008. The rock garden has been destacked and has overgrown trees and flowing water 6" deep which makes the rocks a challenge! Looks like there are a few new by passes where the washouts were deep.

Anyone running may need 33's and a rear locker/front locker or 35's with just a rear locker. Expect possible drive shaft damage and use of the fuel tank skid!

we did not make it past the corral due to time, the verde was too deep to cross 2.67' deep flowing 880 Cfm's

Please check flow data before crossing:



Lifes A Jeep
03-09-2009, 09:52 PM

Here are my pics for the day. It felt so good getting back on the trails! I took a break for a few months and I'm glad that is over! I'm looking forward to getting out on a more regular basis.

There are two things worth mentioning...
The tippy spot on the way to the river crossing has been graded. We barely even noticed it. This is the spot between the cove and the river crossing, roughly in the middle of the two.

Also, the crossing was difficult to find. The brush has overgrown and we nearly drove right by it.

One of Tom's friend got hung up in the boulder garden

With a quick tug, he came right off the rock.

OhioTJ on the small waterfall

Before the Corral, the trail is washed out. For anyone interested, this can be bypassed

OhioTJ getting some air

Dan Felix getting some air

Here's a view out my front as I crossed the Verde


This section has been graded and you drive right through. I barely noticed it as we drove through. The pics below were taken around Sept 07.

You can see the rock on the right now. Thats the only thing that has not changed