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05-24-2006, 09:20 PM
Lower Terminator

Trail Rating: 3.5

Lower Terminator is one of the earlier extreme trails in the Table Mesa area. Through the years it has become progressively easier to navigate due to stacking of rocks and natural changes to the canyon and wash. This trail can be run by a small group of capable rigs in 1.5 hours or less.

All obstacles have bypasses. The first obstacle is a crack to the left that can be bypassed to the right.
http://inlinethumb55.webshots.com/3382/2128083170065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2128083170065527058EnhOzH)

There's an obstacle or two and then the infamous White Line, so named for the line of white rock running through the bedrock. It is very much off-camber and requires a steady confident line through it. Many have run into the canyon wall to the right (left side of picture). Follow the white line with your driver side and drive down hill and you should be fine. A bypass is up the hill to the left of the obstacle, but frankly the bypass looks like it would be more tippy than White Line.

http://inlinethumb31.webshots.com/5406/2134471970065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2134471970065527058ZAFKhb)

http://inlinethumb49.webshots.com/3376/2681482280065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2681482280065527058jJZyJS)

Z-Turn is up next
http://inlinethumb09.webshots.com/6024/2350871150065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2350871150065527058zKCEvp)

Terminator obstacle.
http://inlinethumb19.webshots.com/3090/2619977620065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2619977620065527058Zcvfbg)

View of Terminator obstacle from the front.
http://inlinethumb34.webshots.com/1953/2137920560065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2137920560065527058bNiVlJ)

Alternate line next to Terminator. There is also a bypass that avoids Z-turn all together.
http://inlinethumb48.webshots.com/4591/2648399300065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2648399300065527058wHVKnL)

Continue down the trail and look for Pivot Rock on the right. You can easily drive right by and not see it.
http://inlinethumb64.webshots.com/4415/2467301140065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2467301140065527058fPgUOY)

One of the optionals near the end
http://inlinethumb19.webshots.com/5138/2168108960065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2168108960065527058BTMTow)

Final section. There are multiple ways out of the wash.
http://inlinethumb18.webshots.com/4305/2126318890065527058S600x600Q85.jpg (http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2126318890065527058ZDOriD)

After that you are pretty much done. Follow the road up the hill to the left taking the climb up the embankment or the bypass. Please stay out of the wet riparian areas at the end of this trail at the request of the BLM.