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Stu Olson
05-15-2006, 09:14 PM
A trip report covering some of the trails ran during 6AJUMR, May 7-13th, 2006.



05-16-2006, 03:51 AM
I had a great time at the 6AJUMR.:D Thanks Stu and Jason for putting on a great pot luck dinner.The prizes were awesome.Hope to see everyone there next year.:)

05-16-2006, 08:35 AM
Stu, great write up, Thanks for sharing wish we could have made it. Maybe next year This years flags look great any extras? So who did get the winch that your wife Donna gave up?

05-16-2006, 11:58 AM
Great write up Stu!! :)

This was my first time in Moab and I was there from the 6th through the 14th. I pulled into the campground and to my relief (or misfortune :p) I saw Fat Bob only two sites from me. He and his friend Ray provided some entertainment until they had to bail early due to a fractured real axle. :(

Anyway, it seems me being there was a small curse. Any trail I ran this week, there were 6 of them, some one had minor to major breakage provided they started with or met us 1/2 way. Satan's Cat must have put a curse on me before walking out the door and leaving her all alone. :D

The first trail I did was Elephant Hill. It was a long drive just to get there but was well worth it as we got to check out Newspaper Rock and I finally made it to the one National Park in Utah that I hadn't been to, Canyonlands. It was beautiful and a great time. Unfortunately one rig's coil malfunctioned and needed to be left overnight and recovered the next morning.

The second trail I did was Moab Rim with TC and the crew. All I can say is wow, this is one heck of a first mile or two. It seems most run this trail to the overlook then turn right around and go back down. Most of the obsticles are in that first mile with the Devil's Crack and Z-Turn but we ran the whole trail checking out the views, the small slickrock climb and some of the sand. On the way back down, I noticed Cliff spit a U-Joint cap and we needed to stop to change it out. We come to find out about 200 yards away, Trina lost her upper control arm bracket, the really pretty not a scratch on it CJ had rolled on Z-Turn (and I needed to clean up the mess ~ thank god for peatsorb and pig pads) and that a Hummer blew out its T-Case on Devil's Crack. Somehow I ended up being blaimed for all 4 mishaps. :rolleyes:

The third trail I ran was Kane Creek Canyon. This is a nice scenic trail through the valley area. We were supposed to cross the creek close to 60 times according to the book. During the run Fat Bob and some of the NMVJC joined up with us and then decided to head out in front of us as they wanted to run another trail afterwards. Us slow pokes traveled along and eventually caught up to them at the only real obstical on that trail, a set of steps that were sandy and close together. There we find Bob with a busted D35 shaft and having some issues. Some of my tools later (and peatsorb) they got him running. After watching the others in our group go up that hill, I was pretty sure I'd need a tug or even a pull. Though being the stubborn woman I am, I hooted and hollered my way up w/o needing anything but a little horsepower.

The fourth trail I ran was Behind the Rocks. For what it's worth, in the book it is ranked the hardest trail in Moab. After Bob did his early exit, I crasghed the NMVJC camping site and after getting to know them, decided to tag along and run this trail with them. This was the most fun I had all week, these guys made it a blast and all are really cool people. This trail has the likes of Highdive Hill, Upchuck, Hummer Hill and the no-bypass White Knuckle Hill. I decided to give Highdive Hill a shot after watching a few of them go down it. It looked a lot worse then it was and was given many props for getting throuh it. I also tried Upchuck but decided to pull out when it seemed I just couldn't hold the line I needed and kept raising a tire. My spotter though I should have given it another few tries but I decided it just wasn't in the cards. Hummer Hill also got me as I don't have a locker in the front. White Knuckle Hill though was awesome. I had a wheelstand cause I decided to hit the brakes when I needed to gas it but all turned out ok, I just need the video. :D On the way back out after the trail was done, one of the guys tore the shock mount off the axle.

The fifth trail I ran was Hell's Revenge. This was pretty much all slickrock with some great traction. I didn't get a chance to run Hell's Gate but did try my luck on the Tipover Challenge. I decided not to make a liar out of Stu as I couldn't hold the line I needed and had to back off after the attempt. Sure was fun to try though. We had lost a lower control arm bracket off the axle so it was fixed up by an on-board welder.

The last trail of my trip was Cliffhanger. This was a nice scenic run through the high cliff faces of Moab. Just after doing the first stair down into the canyon, one of our guys lost his steering. After being made fun of earlier in the week for having a full TJ steering set up, a castle nut and cotter pin from the set up got him going again. A few years back the trail was "leveled" to make room for some trucks to get up to a pipeline so a lot of the hardcore obsticals that made this trail famous is no longer there. We did find a few tippy spots though and in true Jamie fashion, I lifted a tire here too. The overlook is awesome though and I got quite a few nice shots of the Jeep only a foot or so away from the edge.

I didn't go out on Saturday as I was recovering from a hell of a hangover from a birthday bash/party at the campground. 6 martinis, 1/2 of champange and 1/2 bottle of wine will do that to you.

Here is a link to al my pics. They are small so if anyone wants a larger view of some, let me know the number and I'll get it to you. The way this is set up is there are three sets, Set 2, Set 1 and Set 3. To go in order you need to click the middle set first, I have no idea why it happened like that. The days are also seperated by flag or NMVJC logo.


Here are a few of my favorite shots though.

A face on Elephant Hill:


Kim on Kane Creek Canyon watching the action:


Poor Bob:


My favorite poser shot:


Stu Olson
05-16-2006, 02:01 PM
Stu, great write up, Thanks for sharing wish we could have made it. Maybe next year This years flags look great any extras? So who did get the winch that your wife Donna gave up?
I believe Donna is all out of flags. :(

I don't know the name of the guy that got the winch.....I believe he was from the NW part of the US. I do know that he had one heck of a smile on his face. :)

Stu Olson
05-16-2006, 02:03 PM
I had a great time at the 6AJUMR.:D Thanks Stu and Jason for putting on a great pot luck dinner.The prizes were awesome.Hope to see everyone there next year.:)
Glad you enjoyed it. We got a little "extra" lucky this year with Jason's extra "stuff" for the drawing. It did keep the folks around until the last ticket was called out. :D