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05-14-2006, 10:54 PM
Dear Fellow ASA Member,
On Wednesday morning May 17th, a California legislative committee will consider 3 very important bills on the future of off-road recreation in the state. WE DESPARATELY NEED YOU TO HELP BY MAKING ONE SIMPLE CALL THIS WEEK!
The three bills in question are AB 2784 by Assemblywoman Nicole Parra, Assembly Bill 2298 by Assemblyman Roger Niello, and Assembly Bill 2337 by Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia.
AB 2784 will extend a "sunset" on the Off Highway program. Without this bill, the whole program will expire at the end of the year. This program has been in existence since 1971 and is responsible for providing off-roaders with places to go that are legal, safe, and environmetally suitable. This is an important program that is paid for by the users through fees that should be continued.
AB 2784 will fix a problem that was discovered by the State Auditor where the State Parks Department was using Off-Highway vehicle money in parks that did not provide any off road vehicle opportunities.
AB 2337 will provide for a more balanced Off Highway vehicle Commission by adding a couple of State officials and members of the legislature to this commission that decides how and where to spend the money in the OHV Fund. The recent audit of the program by the State Auditor found that the existing Commission has become disfunctional. This bill will fix those problems by adjusting the makeup of the Commission.
YOU NEED TO CALL AT LEAST ONE LEGISLATOR WHO IS ON THE ASSEMBLY APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE AND HAS NOT YET COMMITTED TO VOTE FOR THESE BILLS. The members of the committee that we are targeting for calls are listed below. Along with that is a general discirption of the district they represent and the phone number in their CAPITOL office where they normally compile information for support or opposition of bills. Take a look at this list. If you have time call several of their offices, otherwise call the person that represents your area; or at least the one whose district is closest to your home. Our key targets are in bold below. Tell them that the bills are scheduled to be heard in Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, and that you really want the Assembly member to support these bills.
It is a very simple call to make. The office will accept the information and thank you for calling. They will not get into a debate with you or challenge your interest in these measures. PLEASE DO THIS FOR YOUR SPORT.
The Committee members are:
Assemblywoman Judith Chu from the Monterrey Park-Rosemead-San Gabriel-San Marino area (committee chair 49th district) (916 319 2049)
Assemblywoman Karen Bass from the Culver City north of the airport (47th Assembly District) (916 319 2047)
Assemblywoman Patti Berg from Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Trinity, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties (1st District) (916 319 2001)
Assemblyman Ron Calderon from Downey, Whittier, Montebello, Hacienda Heights areas (58th Distict) (916 319 2058)
Assemblyman Hector De La Torre from Bell-South Gate-Lynwood-Commerce areas (50th District) (916 319 2050)
Assemblywoman Betty Karnette from Long Beach-Signal Hill (54th district) (916 319 2054)
Assemblyman Johann Klehs from the East Bay cities of San Leandro, Hayward, Castro Valley, Mt Eden (18th District) (916 319 2018)
Assemblyman Mark Leno from San Francisco (13th district) (916 319 2013)
Assemblyman Joe Nation from San Rafeal and parts of Marin County (6th District) (916 319 2006)
Assemblywoman Jenny Orepeza from Carson-Dominguez Hills (55th District) (916 319 2055)
Assemblyman Mark Ridley-Thomas from South-central Los Angeles (48th district) (916 319 2048)
Assemblywoman Lori Saldana representing much of the area around downtown San Diego (76th District) (916 319 2076)
Assemblyman Leeland Yee from San Francisco and Daly City (12 District) (916 319 2012)
Thank you.
The American Sand Association
Unite, Inform, and Mobilize

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05-15-2006, 12:25 PM

Reread the first line of the original post. ASA members are mainly concerned about land use at the Imperial Dunes in California. There are many businesses and citizens here in AZ of whom these issues effect. With the precidents being set in CA.; we could very well be the next state targeted for extreme closures. (Moreso than we already are.)

Many don't realize that AZ has it's own dunes as well. It's a BLM land called Arizona Hot Well Dunes outside of Safford. It's not large, but it's ours. ;)

05-15-2006, 04:20 PM
Yes it is California. Eric is absolutely right, what happens in California seems to set a precedence as to what is going to happen in Arizona.

In addition we have many wheelers and businesses in Arizona that supply Arizona off roaders with parts, supplies and vehicles to enjoy these dunes. If these dunes are lost in this battle we have quite a few Arizona businesses that would go out of business.

So while it be a fight happening in California at this time, it affects a good many Arizonians.