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Sedona Jeep School
02-26-2006, 08:52 AM
I am sure these observations will be incorporated into an article in the future, but here are a couple of things that happened this weekend...

#1: A guy rented a Jeep and was asking me about some different trails. He casually mentioned that he wanted to put trail information and coordinates on his new website promoting Sedona. I asked him if he had been in contact with any of the Jeep clubs or the Forest Service, to which he replied "no." (Did I mention that he was renting a Jeep?) I told him that the clubs in Arizona had made a consistent effort to post detailed info about the trails, but not where to find them, due to overcrowding and threat of closure, among other things. I said that motorized recreation was under intense scrutiny and making the locations easily accessible didn't help keep the trails open. I said that the clubs like to show people the trails under the guidance of more experienced and issue-sensitive Jeepers. His expression showed surprise, and he quickly back-pedalled, saying "I never thought of that. I guess I will just stick to hiking trails." It was that easy. I was loading for a debate, and he just dropped it.

#2: The Las Vegas Hummer Club (H1's) were on Broken Arrow. As I was on my way out, they were just coming in at Princess Rock. The whole group was stopped--apparently, one of the Hummers busted a half-shaft already. I stopped and asked if they were okay or needed anything. They said they were okay, thanks--nice folks. Then I asked if they had been up Broken Arrow before. The guy I was talking to pointed vaguely to the group and said one or two of them had. I said "You know, this trail gets really narrow--it's about Jeep width between some of the rocks and trees, and you could do some damage." He said they weren't worried. Oh. I wasn't worried about the Hummers--I was worried about the trail. Later, a friend of mine said he saw them towing the broken Hummer off the trail, so I don't know if they ever got past the entrance.

#3: A nice family from California rented a Jeep (he has a '48 CJ-2A at home) and went down to the creek, where they found some trash that someone had left. They were picking it up to pack out, when a group of biologists showed up to do a "water study". The biologists thanked our guests for picking up the trash. I am glad that we had such a nice representation for OHV in this case.

Just another weekend in Sedona.

02-26-2006, 09:53 AM
Interesting Nena. I usually run the FS trails up here on the Rim all summer and winter when I can. I havent done it this year because of the drought, but I am always amazed at the people I meet up there. I see "Valleyites" do all sort of stupid things. Mostly, its just being unprepared or ignorant of how to "behave" in the country. Everything from leaving campfires and trash, to coming up here without telling someone where they are going and when they are coming back, and then getting stuck on a back road without even a coat.
I was at Black Canyon Lake last summer when there was a high fire danger and saw a guy flip a cigarette out his window in the parking lot and off into the grass. I stopped my jeep in front of his pickup and got out and asked him to please go get it and put it out inside his truck. He gave me a dirty look, but did it. I asked him to please use his head, as in you know, FIRE DANGER, CIGARETTE OUT THE WINDOW! :eek:
At that point he more or less apoligized and I once again told him to please THINK!

Why do people go through life with their head up their arse? I see it all day!

:confused: :confused:

02-26-2006, 12:41 PM
Why do people go through life with their head up their arse? I see it all day!:confused: :confused:
Its just easier that way. You don't have to think about anything else but yourself and what will happen to you in the immediate future. If something bad happens, it remains the same. It becomes "how could this happen to me? There should be a law or something" :mad: And that is why trails get closed, forests get burned, and lots of other bad things happen. Sad but true.