View Full Version : Howzabout an Axle Party?

11-02-2005, 05:23 PM
Greetings from Oregon (rainy, dreary, wet) I purchased a '78 CJ 5 a while back and have been having some rear axle problems. Shortly after acquiring this CJ axle grease was seeping out of the hub. Upon removing the axles we noticed that the inner wheel bearings were WELDED to the axle, not by heat/friction, but by someone with a welder! A local shop re kitted this axle (narrow AMC 20) with a Yukon 1 pioece axle kit I also installed a axle truss/skid plate. 1st try and the free play was too tight - burned up the wheel bearings. 2nd try, too loose - axle backed out of the housing shortly after leaving shop. 3rd try and things went well for about two months and then noticed some seepage at the rear hub again. Sure enough, the free play had increased. This go, a non stock bearing keeper was installed to hold bearing firmly in place -we hope! The shop chief noticed that there are two half circle ( ) inserts incorporated into this axle that were part of the 'welded' axle, no mention of these in the AMC service manual that I luckily had acquired since getting this Jeep, and another odd thing is correct free play cannot be obtained without these half circle inserts. Any ideas for a final cure to these axle woes?:confused: