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  1. I'll go first
  2. Animal Dentist... root canal and gold crown
  3. My Jeep Mascot
  4. My Boys
  5. Aquaria
  6. An unfortunate event...
  7. Labs Only!!
  8. Stray Jack Russle pup
  9. Sick little Dog :(
  10. Amazing water shots
  11. Dear Dogs and Cats:
  12. My little buddy Tank
  13. My dogs won't stop fighting..... Ugh!
  14. New GSD and the Jeep.
  15. Our new dog
  16. my pup
  17. adoption special 38$ and low cost vaccines
  18. South African Boerboel
  19. Looking for a mate
  20. Doggie playday at cove 3 8/30 6am
  21. Reggie
  22. Saw a Flyer for English Bulldogs $1200.00
  23. Pup or turtle?
  24. Orange or Black Kittens for Adoption
  25. Give a dog a bone.....
  26. SSSeeking snake advice???
  27. My new jeepin buddy
  28. Homeward bound?
  29. Puppy play day at Cove 3 9/20/09
  30. FOUND: Young male beagle
  31. Time for Rusty's final sleep
  32. WTH is this?????
  33. For the love of dogs - cove party 9/27/09
  34. Cool dog needs home
  35. white pitbull looking for new home
  36. Wanted: Training collars
  37. dog adoptions!!
  38. Girls just want to have fun
  39. 2 new members.
  40. Hey Digger!! I got a new Pack member!!!!!
  41. Want to Adopt 2 Dogs?
  42. A Boy and My Dog
  43. My new addition to the team.
  44. Little Bird Buddy
  45. The Cow Dogs have a new friend..Goomer
  46. Why dogs do not like Halloween.......
  47. Walk to Save Animals AAWL SPCA
  48. Emergency dog rescue help needed
  49. Who let the (dog) face out
  50. beautiful malemute dog needs loving home
  51. Free nuetering?
  52. Meet Miss Jasmine
  53. RIP Little Guy
  54. Got a second, Help my shelter win some money
  55. That odd Pink Nose Cow Dog
  56. Lost dog out at Sycamore over the weekend
  57. Long and sad story from a friend of mine.
  58. Aawl black friday adoption special $25!!!
  59. Help Training a Hunting dog (GSP)
  60. Free yellow lab to GOOD home
  61. Unusual shot of the cow dogs
  62. An easy way to help animals
  63. pup training
  64. darn speeders
  65. Riddle
  66. Give Chance a Chance
  67. Wanting to Adopt a Pet?
  68. This has been a tough year...
  69. Recommend a dog breeder
  70. I'v decided to foster dogs at my home
  71. sick pets?????
  72. pets and breakups
  73. Animal abuse and general people just suck rant.
  74. How the Cow Dogs spent the last Holiday Vacation Day
  75. Fixin your dog/cat
  76. Finally convinced the wife!
  77. Seperation anexiety
  78. MudSlide
  79. Best Pet Med prices
  80. Pet Food Rant
  81. The Best of the Best
  82. Tater is gonna lose his buddy. :(
  83. my favorite commercial
  84. Help rescue a queensland asap please!!!
  85. 1/6 Saturday 10:30 play day at BJ
  86. Please adopt found puppy ASAP
  87. Unfotunatelly time is up
  88. aussie shepard
  89. My bearded dragon
  90. Woke up to a fight this morning
  91. Squeeze Rock area today
  92. Doggie play day Sunday 2/21
  93. I'm going to foster cowdog Panda
  94. does your cat eat urinary SO or renal support food want some for free
  95. Redneck20, your dog had a blast today!
  96. Happy Birthday Digger B. Trouble
  97. introducing the dog to a baby
  98. 3 tiny dogs desperatly need new home
  99. Dog in the news...Blue
  100. How frightening is it?
  101. aussie needs a new home
  102. Dog advise; Medical and moral
  103. Arizona Animal Welfare League Pet Fair and Open House
  104. Free gerbils
  105. Catahoulas
  106. The Daily Dog :)
  107. For those who are entertained by Rubee
  108. Why I hate people
  109. Cat help emergency
  110. Took time to play, this most beautiful day.
  111. Help AAWL get more recognition 30 seconds
  112. new dog....
  113. heres a cool video from my shelter AAWL
  114. Any recommendations for in vehicle barrier?
  115. I want a dog
  116. Ever wonder what your dog does, while you're at work?
  117. Our Rescue is swamped with puppies :(
  118. English pointer
  119. horses at squeeze rock
  120. Maggie Mae passed lastnight
  121. for at least the next 2 weeks 5 dollar cats Cinco de Meowo
  122. Lost dog in east valley
  123. Camping with the moose, any suggestions
  124. Sad day... Sammy passed
  125. Dog Fighting....
  126. Opinions on rattle snake vaccine for dogs...
  127. 3 dogs I really want to get a home
  128. Parvo
  129. Free to good home
  130. Transporting the dogs in the back of my truck
  131. Please Adopt, dont support Puppy Mills
  132. AJ shelter need help!!!
  133. I'm Innocent !!
  134. The joys of being a doggie!
  135. Black Kitten
  136. Lost Dog in Queen Creek
  137. GREAT BOOK. The Pit bull placebo Must Read!!
  138. Here We Go Again :(
  139. Girlies just want to fun
  140. Must see videos
  141. Why I go to dickenson theaters or AMC
  142. Food review
  143. some summer fun
  144. lost pets
  145. Im hiring. NO SLACKERS!!!
  146. Painless help for the loved ones.
  147. New shop mascots
  148. What a Good Girl.....
  149. Really great Dog in need of new home!
  150. Diesel broke 1 of her ears. Hematoma
  151. Looking for a puppy
  152. Chillin in the new pool
  153. Pulled from death row needs a home
  154. Paging Dr FireBall - Duke is digging holes!
  155. Kittens for FREE
  156. 2 dogs needing a good home.
  157. Found Pit/pit mix at Saguaro lake
  158. Black Lab needs a home
  159. Free Pitbull to good home
  160. wait time for neutering vouchers ???
  161. joker needs a new home
  162. Bullitt in new collar
  163. anyone want a tortoise?
  164. ahhhh, potty training....
  165. Looking for a dog
  166. Sweet little Fox Hound needs a home
  167. My dog needs a good home
  168. Just heard this on the radio
  169. Puppy needs a new home
  170. Lost dog
  171. Pica
  172. My Puppy ate our christmas tree :(
  173. Saying Goodbye...
  174. Dogs love Christmas time too
  175. Pet Food Recall
  176. Dogs dumped in the desert
  177. Dog Found - East Mesa
  178. Help with new agressive behavior from dog
  179. Someone is a year older
  180. I need to find homes....
  181. Our Greyhounds need a new home.
  182. Sweet dog needs a new owner
  183. Lost dog!!!!
  184. Free dog to a good home
  185. Wonderful older female dog at pound
  186. Weimaraner puppy driving me crazy!
  187. Dog boarding
  188. Funny Dog Video
  189. adoption fees waived this month on our cats
  190. Running with the big dogs
  191. pitbull sharpe german shepard mix pup for free to good home
  192. A Rig with character
  193. Funny doormat
  194. Ultimate dog teaser
  195. Free cat to a good home
  196. Meet my foster dog v2.0
  197. Got a javelina rush today
  198. Lost Dog
  199. Recall
  200. And so the story goes....
  201. Molly's new diet worked great, and now she is ready to breed.
  202. Forgotten Dog's Christmas
  203. look at our newborn puppies
  204. Pinal county animal control is neglectful, and no one cares
  205. Lost!!!
  206. Insurance help/ terriers/pitbulls
  207. New Addition
  208. Pocket Pitbull
  209. Lab/Boxer needs a forever home.
  210. Dog in pain needs help
  211. Looking to add to our family
  212. Rescued a cute pooch from the humane society
  213. Need a North side vet
  214. Little guy needs a new home
  215. We will never learn.
  216. Dock Dogs/ Dock Diving
  217. Puppies on the way!!!
  218. Help Tige find new home
  219. The Little Gangster Dog
  220. Pitbull joined the family.
  221. Sarge's first ride in the jeep
  222. Help Sable find a new home (too)
  223. Another recall
  224. Wally needs a new home
  225. Why you don't take the doors off :)
  226. New puppy problem (please don't judge me)
  227. Anyone looking to get/or want a cat?
  228. Once upon a time...
  229. Shot Gun Rider Meet and Greet 6/23/12 6pm
  230. Had a blast this morning
  231. Boxer needs a new home
  232. New Baby Cow Dogs...
  233. Puppies...
  234. Dog Food
  235. Rescued Dog...Breed Unknown - Adoption to good home needed...
  236. For those who enjoy puppy pictures
  237. Home testing a diabetic cat
  238. Digger Nancy..........Puppy Pro!!
  239. Pets..
  240. PPF.......Pet Picture Friday
  241. Puppies to a good home
  242. "If you don't play with me I am going to kill you"
  243. Lil puppy boot camp
  244. Muttknee Brace
  245. The Dreaded Desert Dingo Dogs
  246. Kona 15 weeks
  247. 2013 Jeep Security System
  248. Reposting - LOST DOG
  249. GoPro and my water dog
  250. The Spice Kittens - Live Kitten Cam!