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  1. Trade TJ NP231 Transfer Case (1998, manual trans, 6-cyl) for Yard Work
  2. need my stripper pole installed
  3. trade paint work
  4. Will Trade Mechanical Work
  5. Need ATV work
  6. need help finishing up my cj
  7. Handy man stuff
  8. split sidewall
  9. Dana 300
  10. Roll cage
  11. Need a bass part
  12. Need help painting kitchen
  13. Autobody Repair & Paint Needed
  14. Minor auto body work
  15. Cabinet Guy trade for parts for 91 YJ
  16. I need help
  17. Mechanical Design Engineering
  18. Alarm guy for auto paint
  19. will give motocross lessons
  20. Drywall installer needed
  21. Trade Dentistry
  22. Plumbing
  23. EGR valve testing
  24. East Valley Welder/Fabricator
  25. Need Wallpaper hanger / remover
  26. auto tranny!
  27. Swimming pool construction/drawings
  28. need AC guy for home
  29. Seasoned Dog Obedience Trainer
  30. I would like to help you help me
  31. power washer rebuild?
  32. Drywall
  33. Landscaping - Oleander Removal
  34. Block Wall
  35. IT Guy
  36. Need tranny work
  37. What do you need?
  38. need someone to replace a couple ujoints
  39. back firing xj
  40. I need a home ac guy >>> Help its hot!!!
  41. will trade my mechanic skills for fabrication help
  42. replacing slave cylinder for home door repair
  43. Someone I can trust
  44. Trade Computer repair for Dana 300 rebuild help
  45. Logo Work
  46. Computer Repair and Xbox repair
  47. Want to Learn to Weld
  48. somebody take pity on a guy who can't operate a krylon can
  49. I can fix jeeps and repair computers in the white mtns.
  50. Trade out ironwork for an old jeep
  51. Photography
  52. trade elctrical for gear install
  53. Need Cash??? Do you want to install some stereo stuff today?
  54. Chiropractic Care for exhaust upgrade or gear install
  55. Drywall finishing for music lessons
  56. Do You Have a Lot Of Stamina ??
  57. Can you fix broken bolts? I have some spare lights.
  58. Landscaper/tree trimmer
  59. Install Remote Start
  60. Deperate for a transmission
  61. Anyone fix garage doors
  62. Anyone need there garage door serviced
  63. Free general labor for a Offroad Fab Shop
  64. Need help w/ fluid flush
  65. Paint and body work
  66. Production and Inventory Mgt / PC Support
  67. Need Cage work, Trade for?
  68. 96 XJ body on a 93's drivetain/susp?
  69. Clean PRO electrical work!
  70. Anyone need anything welded FOR FREE today?
  71. Leaking Polyethylene Gas Tank
  72. Appliance Help in Tucson
  73. electrician...
  74. My computer is broke!! need fixed
  75. I need a brake job on my front brakes
  76. Need Kayak Lessons
  77. Geek skills available
  78. Someone to make Carbon Fiber parts?
  79. Mercedes mech.needed and parts source 'reasonable'
  80. Need alarm tech....
  81. Photography
  82. Smoke test?
  83. Custom Bumber
  84. Need help with A/C work
  85. Wanted: Auto Painter
  86. Landscape/ lawn care for winch
  87. someone who can weld cast iron
  88. Door installation
  89. Pool Service for Music Lessons
  90. skilled electrical work for axles.
  91. Diesel mechanic needed
  92. a/c work trade for d30 gears and lockright
  93. Need roof shingle replaced-Far west valley (surprise)
  94. East side roof estimate/repair
  95. Need aluminum welding
  96. Machine shop
  97. Will trade music lessons for yard work.
  98. Painter always looking for side work
  99. 94 suburban ac work
  100. Im needing some side work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  101. Water jetting & Aluminum welding
  102. Thanks Adamster
  103. Auto detailing for paint job
  104. Lathe work
  105. Who wants a custom dinning Booth seat built for your home.
  106. Need web marketing / shopping cart /SEO expert!
  107. Martial arts / combatives lesson(s) for basic Jeep work
  108. art work and or tattooing
  109. Autobody and Computer work for cash or trade!
  110. Need a fabricator/welder to help me fix my tub under my driver seat.
  111. dont know were to turn - i have a toyota question
  112. Need Stiffeners Installed
  113. Aluminum Welding - Wheel Repair Help Needed
  114. Need help with install of Car Alarm and Power Locks
  115. Front hub/wheel beraings on XJ
  116. HVAC Tech/ Air Conditioning
  117. Photographer and DJ needed.
  118. Need help installing my lift kit and SYE!
  119. Expert electrical work. (Winches, lights, fans, radios.)
  120. Need Help With Rough Running Engine
  121. A/C Check up
  122. Need help installing G2 513 Gears in my 08 JK Rubicon
  123. Vehicle window tint
  124. Need folding 5x8 ft tent for top of trailer (project)
  125. CJ7 that needs some work
  126. 05 Rubicon rear main and rear differential leak
  127. Anyone up for a headlight switch install & dash/gauge light wiring?
  128. Mechanic Needed
  129. Swimming pool replaster
  130. Had some help today
  131. New to the Jeep world
  132. Tile Installer needed! Trade? Cash?
  133. house remodels
  134. Cb tuned up on sunday november 13th 2011
  135. Warn Winch Repair
  136. Does anyone here tint windows
  137. Professional Hot Water Pressure Washing
  138. concrete slab needed.
  139. Need 99 cherokee auto. Bellhousing trade for labor or cash?
  140. Welder?
  141. Mortgage Refi
  142. Jeep CJ apprentice wanted
  143. Massages for Ram 1500 help
  144. pool fence
  145. Hot young lady needs help with her car! will pay
  146. Movers??? So we have any in the club???
  147. Front frame rails need some lovin
  148. Willing to Trade Home/Car Electronics at HUGE Discount and/or Installation for Parts
  149. Tile / Carpet installer
  150. Chainlink in Phx ?
  151. Ac blower motor wiring
  152. cutting off steps- 93 YJ -you can have them or $20? or figure something out
  153. Light welding needed
  154. Alternator instalation into a 1990 Nissan 240sx needed
  155. Need AC work 1991 Bronco
  156. Need help getting a bracket made for a york compressor for OBA
  157. Trade Beer for cutting 2" off of my sliders so I can install them, chop saw.
  158. need new gears on Tj prob 4:11. Willing to trade interior house paint
  159. Control Arm Bent, need someone with skillz
  160. Welder
  161. Trade beer and food for help...
  162. Someone to pull a dent
  163. Do we have a fantastic Radiator shop on VJC?
  164. Jeep TJ mechanic needed!
  165. Do it yourself AC repair tips
  166. engraver needed!
  167. Need a sales counter built
  168. Looking for a 220 service installed in garage
  169. Looking to get a key programmed
  170. help needed working on 1977 Cherokee, Flagstaff
  171. Need a reliable painter and a landscaper to clean up a rental in S. Peoria. Thanks
  172. Wrench help if needed on west side of town - Tonopah
  173. Is there a welder in the east valley that wants some almost free beer?
  174. Modifying cb antenna mount
  175. Looking for a Masonry person
  176. Jeep Mechanic needed! Please quote your rate!
  177. Welder repair?
  178. Is there a locksmith in the House?
  179. Muffler install
  180. Cracked the Pseudo Frame............................................. ....
  181. Looking for radiator shop/guy? Anyone good?
  182. Any Ford Dealer Tech's
  183. ice machine repair needed!
  184. Need stock tires 30 9.5 15 or 31 10.5 15 asap. Will trade chiro/massage services
  185. Need Sliders Made
  186. Anyone recommend someone in the septic business, grey water backed up.
  187. trans swap!
  188. Need Electrician for 1/2 day - bend 1/2" EMT
  189. need 7 baseball bats cut in half long ways
  190. Need mechanic for carb/timing issues on north side of Phoenix
  191. GE Profile Ice Maker Repair
  192. Need Jeep Mechanic
  193. I need a housekeeper
  194. Welding project
  195. Tattoos for fabrication
  196. Anyone interested in Painting/Installing some sliders? (XJ)
  197. Dent repair
  198. anyone want swap my gears or show me how?
  199. Electrical Assistance Needed in Goodyear: 220V Welder Outlet Installation
  200. Intermittent Starting!
  201. I need a General Contractor
  202. Looking for someone for Auto Upholstery
  203. ZJ Dirty Dozen
  204. Electrician
  205. Really cheap mason needed
  206. New intake questions cj7
  207. I kin due editting rill good,.
  208. Need a excellent welder.
  209. Anybody know any good stucco guys?
  210. YEEHAW! More Prescott work!
  211. I need a sparky!
  212. Looking for an A/C person to give me duct work advice.
  213. TRUCK DRIVERS: 4 Pallets from Missouri to Phoenix , Ready for PU 12/23
  214. Anyone have a wood bandsaw I could use for 5 minutes?
  215. swamp cooler - anybody recommend an installer?
  216. IT guy for home wifi setup.
  217. Lack of skill trade :D
  218. Hollow steel framed doors and paint?
  219. Need an excellent tile layer.
  220. buying new house, need concrete work
  221. things I need soon DirecTV installer, plumber, electrician
  222. Need Rear Diff re-geared
  223. Need help with weld on trailer
  224. Any Surveyors out there?
  225. AC guys
  226. welding help
  227. IT Guru here open to trade for various things
  228. calling all roofers
  229. mobile welder near Florence
  230. Welding/patch help
  231. Does anyone on here have time to change garage motors out or fix it if possible?
  232. Cut granite backsplash in place? Will pay $$.
  233. Garage door fix -opener motor or captured spring(s)
  234. Looking for an electrician.
  235. Anybody know where I can get square tubing rolled?
  236. help with breaker box
  237. Tax question
  238. Brick work
  239. Need a welder
  240. Garage Door repair
  241. Any Insurance guys?
  242. Metal work on 6/4...
  243. Looking for some side work
  244. Bathroom shower remodel
  245. LJ rubi with electrical issues!
  246. Techs needed at my work place
  247. Electrician
  248. Tile Installer needed
  249. Electrician needed
  250. Dry wall work in Buckeye